The Compassion Games are designed to make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live. 

Why Compassion Games?
At the heart of the Compassion Games’ purpose is the belief that within each of us exists an innate, powerful, and ready kindness. We’re passionate about harnessing this kindness in service of “compassionate action”, defined as action motivated by the intention to alleviate others’ pain and suffering. We're also passionate about the importance of playfulness and fun as an effective means by which to build healthy community.

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ENGAGE / Compassion Games
"Engage by...contributing to a compassionate community in The Compassion Games Sept.11-21."Directed by @tiffanyshlainSpecial thanks to Roger Hodgson ( for donating...
Survival of the Kindest?
The purpose of the Compassion Games is to promote compassionate action. The Compassion Games are designed to help and inspire individual to make their communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live.

Compassionate Milwaukee is looking for team players like you! 


The Games take place September 11-21. What's happening right now?
You can start a Compassion Relay! Let us know you are Passing the Torch and we will report on the Compassion Map. Tell us what you are up to, Torch Bearer!Contact us!

How can I get in the Compassion Games? 

We are looking for Team MKE Captains right now! Let's start training.Contact us!

Who plays?

The Compassion Games, expanded from the original competition - we call it 
co-op-etition - between Seattle and Louisville in 2012. In 2013 cities include New York, NY; Orange County, CA; San Francisco, CA; Delhi, India; Milwaukee, WI; Cincinnati, OH; Nashville, TN; and LGBTQ Compassion Games.  In 2014? Who knows!

How are we playing the Milwaukee Compassion Games?
    We are designing our Compassionate City Campaign, of course! Please support us by telling everyone you know that Milwaukee headlines will be changed to good news only soon! Find some more ideas on the Compassion Map here.

    Game On Milwaukee!
    Game On Milwaukee!

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